I help women with Crohn's soothe their gut and create lasting relief so they can live with energy, confidence and ease.

    Selvi Vasudevan, MD

    I help women with Crohn's soothe their gut and create lasting relief so they can live with energy, confidence and ease.

    Selvi Vasudevan, MD

    Areas of Expertise

    - BS from Columbia University
    - MD from New Jersey Medical School.
    - Certified integrative nutrition health coach.
    - International speaker and writer on Crohn’s and Colitis.
    - As featured in Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation (CCFA) patient education seminar.
    - Guest blog writer.
    - Guest on multiple podcasts.

    Dr. Selvi guides women to soothe their Crohn’s (and regain their life!) naturally. Realizing that the answers to healing herself took more than what her medical doctors, or her own medical training, could offer, Dr. Selvi successfully explored alternatives to get to remission and remain in remission for 10 years. Her passion lies in applying these and other methods she learned along the way, to help her clients regain their life from the pain, exhaustion, and other symptoms of Crohn’s. Dr. Selvi lives in New York City and (free from the grip of Crohn’s) loves nothing more than to dance, travel and explore in her free time!  💜

    From Surviving to Thriving

    I remember the devastation I felt decades ago, when I was given the diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease. Then came the downward spiral of unanswered questions, feeling misunderstood, a never-ending barrage of medications, major surgeries (including a temporary ostomy), and knocking at death’s door a few times. Despite all of the interventions, I was barely surviving the day, trapped in my body’s prison of pain and exhaustion. I had lost my energy, friendships, relationships, my coveted medical career, my confidence, and honestly, any desire to live. After all, what was the point of going on like this?  

    Having reached a point of loathing my body for needing yet another surgery, I decided enough was enough. There had to be something I could do to get my life back. So, I made a change to my diet and sure enough, I felt better. I stepped into the world of alternative treatments. Each change I implemented resulted in improvements! Over time, I realized that I could understand what my body was trying to tell me and work WITH my body to help it heal - really heal - deeply. This transformed my experience of healing and led to my lasting 10 year remission! This is how I was able to regain my energy, my confidence, my freedom and my life... and how others can now do the same. 

    Imagine yourself free from the unrelenting grip of Crohn’s... what would you love to do? Maybe you can’t even think about it because it seems so pointless. Well, I’m here to let you know that with the right tools and guidance, you, too, can have lasting relief and thrive!

    If you are someone with Crohn’s who is ready to regain your energy, your confidence, and your life, click the link to get your starter kit today and connect with me. Your life might just never be the same. 😉

    Keys to Ease Crohn's Starter Kit Includes

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    Marina B

    Dr. Selvi was supportive in my struggles, while also gently pushing me to make changes and try new things. I enjoyed the one-on-one support, which held me accountable with my goals. I also really liked that health wasn’t just about physical issues, but also mental and emotional. I’m eating so much healthier and actually cooking, which I used to hate. Now I realize that cooking healthy foods for myself is true self-care. I would recommend my coach to help anyone improve their health.

    Mark S

    Life was a compromise and a gamble before I found Dr. Selvi. I was lacking energy and would have bouts of depression. Now, I am experiencing increased energy and an understanding of what certain foods make me feel like. The depression has been replaced by hope! I had to trust whoever I was going to work with and I trusted Dr Selvi instantly. Everything is clearly explained and the benefits are too. Getting my energy back, I realized that I forgot what it felt like to feel “normal” again! I look forward to our sessions and am excited about what we are going to discuss and uncover each week. Each session leaves me feeling excited at the end of it! Before Dr. Selvi, I had dealt with many “experts” but none of them had MY disease so they could not completely understand it. Because she has OUR disease, I can relate to her and know that she is leading by example. In addition, Dr. Selvi is engaging and funny and that helps too!! Dr. Selvi has made me feel emotional more than once because in only four or five sessions she has made me see a quality of life once again that I never thought I would see.


    I enjoyed our chats and digging into the cause of my inflammation. I loved the information and support provided. It was a wonderful experience. I learnt a great deal, including the cause of my joint pain and fatigue. I loved the unique perspective provided and how much better I feel.

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